Single Wooden Wine Box with Corkscrew Design

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A simple wooden wine box with a white rope handle displaying the design of a corkscrew opening a wine bottle featuring the words “Wine lover”.
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(Please note this gift is only available to purchasers over the age of 18 years)

The perfect gifts for all those wine lovers out there.Our wooden wine box will put a big smile on that wine lovers face, because it can be personalised with their name, and will show how thoughtful and cool you are when it comes to gifts with this wine box.

Personalise for your friend or family member accordingly (e.g. john sue Kevin etc.)

Name will appear underneath the words “wine lover” (e.g. wine lover Sue)

this wine box can include a wine of your choice.

Size of wine box = Length 11.5cm - width 11.5cm – Height 46cm

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