You can't go wrong when you buy a personalised gift. It shows you've made that extra effort for the one you love. A personalised sequin cushion offers exactly that - the personal touch. They make a fantastic gift, straight from the heart. How about a personalised sequin cushion with a rock guitar, a King Crown or a Queen Crown? 

Stuck for a Valentine's Day gift? A personalised "You are my Valentine" heart sequin cushion makes the ideal gift for your lover. A personalised sequin cushion with the words "I'm so full of love", "You drive me crazy" and "Will you marry me?" will set hearts racing. There are sequin cushions for mums, dads, as well as kids, who can choose between an astronaut, superhero, mermaid or a "You are magical" unicorn sequin cushion.

Whatever the occasion, a personalised sequin gift really captures the imagination.

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Personalised Sequin Cushion

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