New Dad Survival Letter Box Gift

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Get him ready for the roller-coaster journey that is Fatherhood. This letter box gift provides him with some tongue-in-cheek 'essentials'. Before Baby arrives he can read ˜Baby Tips for Dads' to prepare him for what lies ahead. Covering topics including ˜How to Play the Perfect Partner' and ˜Daddy Dos and Don'ts' he'll be a total pro by the time Baby arrives. When reality hits he will soon find out why he needs a nose peg and a pair of plastic gloves - we don't need to explain! The cries of a newborn will transcend man's natural ability to filter out unwanted sound. So a set of ear plugs will bring welcome relief when it's his turn to sleep. And for when he's on duty the two sachets of caffeinated coffee will get him through the midnight hours!

Consider this selection of gifts a survival kit for the dad-to-be:

Baby Tips for Dad Book

Wooden Peg

Set of Foam Ear Plugs

Pair of Latex Gloves

2 Sachets of Coffee

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