Moustache Gracias Letter Box Gift

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From the hipster to the established beardsman there’ll be lots of gratitude coming your way when he receives this premium selection of beard and facial treats. A Letter Box Gift including loofah discs that will exfoliate his face and the power of charcoal will rid his nose of any unsightlies. And if his mane is on the Hagrid side of tame then the tin of grooming treats will soon have his whiskers smoothed and smelling of classic cedarwood. A beard grooming gift kit for him including all the essentials: beard oil, beard balm, beard scissors, beard soap, beard comb, travel bag and tin. What more could a man need? Thank you muchly indeed! An InterGift "Moustache Gracias" postcard will be added to the gift box with your personal message on the reverse.

From newbies to seasoned beardsmen we give you the ultimate gift to help him tame his mane. He’ll get all of this!:
1 x 10ml Beard Oil – for calming, nourishing, taming and moisturising his beard.
1 x 15ml Beard Balm –for conditioning, softening and moisturising the beard, this balm will give a fuller look, allowing for a tidy, sharp finish.
1 x Grooming Scissors – for precise grooming and misbehaving whiskers.
1 x Beard Comb – for shaping and styling.
1 x Beard Soap –a good beard is a clean beard.
1 x Travel Bag – for keeping it all together.
1 x Aluminium Gift Tin – for optimum presentation of these premium products.
1 x Natural Loofah Exfoliating Discs
2 x Detoxifying Charcoal Nose Strips

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