Luxury Black Wine Box - Happy Birthday

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A black luxury wine box that can be open and closed using a hinged lock displaying a corkscrew design featuring the words “happy birthday”. The perfect birthday gift.
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(Please note this gift is only available to purchasers over the age of 18 years) The perfect gifts for all those wine lovers out there. Our Black luxury wine box will make that special someone on their birthday smile, because it can be personalised with their name and can also be personalised to show who it’s from so they will never forget who gave it to them. Personalise for a friend or family member accordingly (e.g. John, sue, mum, dad etc.) Name will appear on the box underneath the words “happy birthday” (e.g. happy birthday john) Names from who it’s from will be shown underneath the word “from” below the corkscrew design (e.g. From Suzy & ruby). this wine box can include a wine of your choice. Product Features: • Wine accessories gift set • Includes space for your own 75cl wine bottle • Includes tools needed to open, serve and store wine • Waiters friend corkscrew features crown bottle opener and blade • Holds standard 75cl wine bottle

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