About Us – Gifts Made Personal

Buying gifts seems to be harder than ever don’t you think?

Studies show that the act of going gift shopping can be so physically and psychologically demanding it’s enough to put your body into a state of ‘fight or flight’.

For a start there’s so much choice – too much! And let’s be honest, these days if people want something they tend to buy it for themselves anyway.

But we mustn’t give up! Giving gifts is a fundamental part of life. It’s about communicating to friends and family that we care about them. It’s not about spending a fortune either, a thoughtful gift has more worth than pound notes.

So we set ourselves a mission: to make gifting easier for the shopper and to bring back the element of surprise for the recipient. How? By getting personal.

Let’s start with names.

If there’s one thing that makes our ears prick up in a noisy room, it’s hearing our own name. It’s something our parent’s probably discussed and debated at length before we were even born!

From our school peg to the class register, our first pay slip to our driving license, we all love to see and hear our name. It’s personal to us, it really means something.

We’ve taken this a step further and created a wide range of quality gifts that can all be personalised. So if your Auntie Sue loves a glass of wine after a long day at work why not send her a personalised wine glass on her birthday? Your nephew Sam loves dinosaurs, what about sending him his very own personalised Jurassic-style wall stickers?

Whatever the occasion, from a thoughtful thank you present to a cheeky Secret Santa gift and anywhere in between, a personalised gift can really capture someone’s personality.

Personalised gifts don’t end with our human loved ones, they can extend to the fluffier members of our family too! Take a look at our food bowls, collars, leads and more.

So forget multi-storey carparks, long queues at the tills and unhelpful shop assistants. Our website makes gift shopping so easy it will feel like you’re cheating. Our designs are unique to us so can’t be found on the high street or anywhere else and the best bit? – they won’t be able to re-gift